On top of Rams Head Range Kosciuszko National Park

I discovered photography at 18 after finding my grandfather’s old Agfa folding camera (which was sadly recently stolen).
After having my first roll of film developed and seeing an image of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, I was hooked.

Sydney Harbour Bridge – from the first roll of film I shot.

I quickly combined photography with my love of nature and hiking, and soon after discovered the joy to be found from multi-day snow shoeing trips in the back country.

Mt McKay

During this early film period, I started shooting medium format on vintage Rolleiflexes. The Rolleiflex produces a square negative, and I continue to have an affinity for this aspect ratio to this day.

Whitehouse Creek

These days I will shoot with whatever I can lay my hands on, and I have discovered the joy to be found in taking photos with my mobile phone or my wife’s tiny point and shoot camera;
both of which produce images of extraordinary quality, and allow me a freedom and spontaneity which can’t be found with a more “professional” set up and all the equipment that entails.

Royal Arcade

My artistic journey continues. I have rediscovered film and am starting to shoot with a pinhole camera.
I often make the decision of which camera, lens, and film to shoot for the same reason a painter will choose between watercolour or oil;
specifically, because of how the camera, lens, or film will give me a particular aesthetic.
Thoughts of what is technically “best” no longer matters; the only thing that matters is the beauty of the image and the emotional response of the viewer.

William Murray Photography